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15 Ultimate Destinations To Studying Abroad


Nothing will give you a better opportunity to gain academic excellence and immerse yourself in a new culture than studying abroad.


While studying at home may seem like the safer and cheaper option, an international degree will set you apart from other students. Employees will be chasing you because they know you have more to offer them than just the theory learnt in school.


The trick to nailing getting your degree abroad is picking the right destination. You want a place that is affordable, has high education standing globally and will offer you a lot more than you can find at home.


With that in mind, let’s take an extensive look at the top 15 ultimate destinations that you should consider to study abroad:



Australia is a perfect place to take an international course of your choice. Now one of the biggest concerns most students have about going to study abroad is the language barrier.


But guess what? You don’t have to worry about using awkward hand signals because Australians speak English. Well, they do have their weird accents but hey, you’ll get used to that in due time.


Speaking of Australians, these are some of the most welcoming and nicest people around, blame it on the generally good weather! Aussies are normally relaxed and don’t take life too seriously and believe me this will rub on you.


Beach, beach, beach, let me say that again, a beach! Australia has some of the best beaches in the world.


Want to surf? Snorkel? Dive? Or perhaps simply lay out and enjoy the sun after a week-long of classes? You’ll always enjoy a great weekend at the beach in Australia.


There’s a wide variety of cities to choose from where you can live, study and work. Australia offers students a great city life busting with bars, pubs and clubs everywhere giving you great options to wind down and socialize after classes.


Australian universities also have great clubs and societies open to all students. Joining such clubs and attending the many events is a good way for international students to easily make friends.


Australia offers a unique base for most types of degrees that you may be interested in. Thinking of studying a business course? Go for it! With so many global companies setting base in Australia you’ll have many internship options.


How about a degree in biology? Get hands-on experience at The Great Barrier Reef and interact with the country’s unique flora and fauna. No matter what you want to study, Australia is the perfect place to gain the much-needed experience as you study.


You obviously want to study in a university with a high standing and ranking. Australia has many up and coming universities that rank quite highly globally. Always take advantage of cheap student flights to travel to Australia.


Universities such as Australian National University, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, among others are some of the exceptional schools to consider when you want to study abroad in Australia.



The beauty of going to study abroad in Europe is that you get to travel all over the continent. When choosing a place to study, you want somewhere that is easy to move around and Italy totally fits the bill.


Italy is a vast country with so many places to see. What makes it even better is that the transport system in Italy is very convenient.


You can easily jump on a train or the bus and move from Milan to Bologna in just a few hours for a few Euros. The train system is so well connected you will never have to hop on a plane or even a car to explore these gorgeous cities during your free time.  


Italy is full of wonders and has the most UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country. With 51 heritage sites, you will marvel at the rich culture and historical part of this European country.


You’ll be in the home of the best pizza in the world! Forget the pizza back home with pineapple. No pizza in the world beats the Italian pizza.


You have to taste it in Italy to discover why this is the real deal. The Italian pizza is more refined and doesn’t have tons of toppings.


Oh and the pasta! Yummy…


Prepare to pack in a few pounds when studying in Italy because it will be so hard to say no to the pasta. It comes in all sizes and forms.


For the coffee lovers, you will have a good cup everywhere you go as Italians take great pride in their coffee. As for the wine lovers, Italian wine will leave you wanting more. The good thing is that it’s quite affordable.


Italian nights are simply the best. You can study until late and still get to enjoy a night out as life in Italy starts and ends late in the evening and the streets will normally be full of life till late.


You can easily take a break from your evening studies and go for a walk at 10 pm and you’ll be surrounded by people. Shops will also still be open so you can easily grab some food at this hour.


There’s a good reason why Italy is the home to high fashion. You will be surrounded by creative arts, architecture and fashion and if you want to take a degree in any one of these fields, you won’t regret picking Italy as your destination.


Something quite unique with studying in Italy is the ridiculously funny Italian graduation ritual. After the official graduation ceremony, the graduands then dress in goofy costumes such as hula skirts, funny hats, or even giant diapers.


They then sit on a bench where their family and friends heap eggs, ketchup and other food substances on them. They also sometimes go round the city singing and showing off their funny costumes as passersby dump more foodstuff on them.



Though France is an expensive country to live in, it is also one of the most student-friendly places. There are numerous discounts offered to students such as the le tarif jeune a student discount admission price for transportation and museums within France.


This discount card makes it easy for you to move around France and go sightseeing often. There are student aimed hostels and youth hotels that are more affordable for students on a budget.


Ever heard that Paris is the most beautiful city in the world? Oh yes, that’s true. It’s not only the most romantic city on earth but also considered the most beautiful.


The French pride in making everything they create beautiful. Their culture is all about craftsmanship and they make everything aesthetically pleasant.


All cities in France have lots of lush gardens, beautiful architecture, lots of parks and forests that will make your study period in France a very pleasant stay.

You will be in the heart of Europe when studying in France. France is located in the centre of Europe making it easy for you to move around many European and North African countries.


You can, therefore, take budget weekend trips outside of France and marvel in the splendour and culture of other nearby European countries.


France is the epitome of European history and you can marvel at how far France the country has come and how much of an influence it has on the world at large. You will get lost in the country’s rich history by visiting the many museums in the country. Remember you can get in free with your le tarif jeune!


For most Americans and many other citizens around the world, the culture of all work and no play is the norm. The French, on the other hand, thrive on the joy of living and aren’t so much in a hurry with life.


To most outsiders, this may seem like laziness but it’s just a French culture to live life and in the moment. So while you’re rushing off to your next class don’t be surprised to see your friends taking time to grab a meal or take a stroll in the park.


So do it like the French do and savour the joy of living life.


French is one of the most popular and beautiful foreign languages. It is the 2nd most spoken language around the world and even though you may not need it for your degree learning it will make you more marketable afterwards.


Learning French will make living in France easier and more fun especially because the French really loves their language and will appreciate you making effort to speak it. It will also come in handy when you travel or work around the world after studying a degree course in France.



When you think of England, drinking English tea, posh accent, castles, Shakespeare, politeness and excellence comes to mind.


London is renowned world over as the centre for academic excellence and boasts of over 70 Nobel Prize laureates. So if excellence in academia is what you seek most, you won’t go wrong studying abroad in England.

Besides academic excellence, England also offers a very culturally enriching experience to international students. There are over 1000 galleries and museums in London only most of them offering free access to students.


It’s not all serious in England. It’s also a great country for students to have fun.


If you want to keep up with the latest in the entertainment industry, you will love having hundreds of cinemas to watch the latest movies, hundreds of live music venues to listen to the latest bands and thousands of to enjoy food from all over the world and don’t forget the English pubs for some fun night outs with your friends.


Imagine living in four countries in one while you study abroad in England. Yes! That will be you.


The United Kingdom is made up of Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland all with unique histories and culture. They are also easily accessible and you’re open to exploring them all.


You can indulge in the culture, traditions, festivals, music, and languages of each of these and you’ll never run out of new things to learn and explore. Imagine how much more experienced you will be when you get back home!  


If you’re a foodie, England has some of the best culinary cuisines. You have a huge selection of authentic food to choose from.


Wondering when we’ll get to the tea parties? Here we are 🙂


Yes, tea parties are a thing and no one does a tea party quite as good as the Brits. You may not be a tea person but once you get in the habit of a daily cuppa of tea, you will never go back.


Oh and not forgetting the scrumptious scones and biscuits that are often served during those daily tea times!

There’s a lot more to life than just the campus life more so if you’re studying in a foreign country. You want a place that will not only offer you a great education but also a great life on campus.


Canada makes it to this list because it does exactly that. No matter what your off-campus interests are, you’ll find something to do just around the corner you don’t have to go far to find it.


From the majestic Rocky Mountains of Alberta, the lush coastline of British Columbia, the attractive coastline of the Atlantic Provinces, the big skies of the prairies, the maple sugar country in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence, Canada’s beauty will leave you in awe.


You’ll never feel like an outsider while living as an international student in Canada. The Canadian government has a policy mandating on embracing diversity.


You’ll find almost all of the world’s ethnic groups represented in Canada giving it a vibrant culture. From culinary delights to exciting recreational activities everything is influenced by this diversity.


Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, Canada’s largest cities are celebrated world over as safe, accessible and culturally rich world-class cities making them one of the best places to live as a student.


Canada has actually been voted for eight consecutive years by the United Nation as one of the best places in the world to live. This is because of the culture of embracing a diversity of freedoms which all citizens, as well as international students, get to enjoy.


Graduating with a Canadian degree gives you strong job prospects as Canadian universities have links to more than 5,000 global collaboration agreements. The universities also focus more on industry-specific applied research seeing over 90% of Canadian alums are employed in the first six months after graduation.


Now that’s music to your ears right?


Chances are that by the end of your degree you’ll never want to leave Canada. I don’t blame you, it does have so much to offer.


The good news is that making Canada your permanent home isn’t all too hard. You can easily apply for a permanent visa as long as you have graduated with a degree and have one year of work experience.


You only need 4 reasons to go study in Spain: Soccer, siesta, fiesta, travel.


Spaniards are HUGE fans of football and whether it’s cheering their homegrown superstar teams Real Madrid and FC Barcelona or other world renown teams, the country is full of diehard fans.

Spain love of football is evident in their impressive performance. They were the winners of the World Cup in 2010 and have three EuroCup Championships titles.


So yes football is big in Spain. You may not be a fan yet, but the fanfare and large viewing parties across various Spanish cities will have interested.  


Spaniards are very laid-back and relaxed people with a unique ability to simply stop and enjoy what life has to offer. This is reflected in their practice of the siesta, a rest period during the lunch hour.


Shops, businesses and schools will normally close down between 1 pm and 4 pm allowing people to go home, eat to their fill and take a nap. Nothing like a well-deserved break every day!


If you come from a country where everyone is always on the run keeping busy with life’s demands, you will appreciate this Spanish practice of just taking time to appreciate the little things in life and not get lost trying to keep up with time.


Spain has some of the most intriguing festivals all year round. Festivals such as the Fiesta de San Fermín (Running of the Bulls) or  Las Fallas de San José in Valencia are some of the amazing displays of culture you’ll ever see.


For an even more amusing experience be sure to attend the La Tomatina festival held every last Wednesday of August in Buñol. During these festivals, about 100,000 pounds of tomatoes are brought in from all over Spain and are used to perform the most epic food fight you’ll ever participate in.


Spain is strategically placed geographically lying on the outer edge of Europe. This means that you can access much of Europe from Spain on a short plane, boat, or bus ride and you’ll get back home having seen most of Europe.


Travel within Spain is also quite cheap and with so many cheap student flights to choose from you will get to enjoy travelling within Spain and Europe in general. With your Schengen visa, you can do quick weekend trips to nearby France and Portugal as well as Morocco which is just a short ferry ride away.



What takes most people to South America is definitely the food. Argentinians will not disappoint you at all because they do food right.


The food of Buenos Aires has been named “The Paris Of South America” for a pretty good reason. Argentina is not about tacos and spicy food. No. we’re talking about medialunas (sweet croissants), coffee with milk and every delicious dessert you can imagine of.


Asado is the country’s national dish and everywhere you go you will see huge pieces of beef cooking over a fire for people to feast on. The Argentinians do know how to entice you with their food!


Where are the wine lovers?


Argentine wine is becoming popular among wine connoisseurs. Visit the wide range of vineyards spread across the country to see how wine is made and later drink some wine at one of the many wine places across the country.


Do look out for one of many places that offer wine tastings in English so you can learn more about the Argentine wine.


The architecture and history of Argentina will leave you dumbfounded. The country was colonized by the Spanish, faced architectural influence by the French, and witnessed an influx of immigrants from France and Italy in the early 20th century, leaving it with some of the beautiful buildings around.


There is never a dull moment in Argentina. There is always a cultural event or a festival happening in Argentina every single day and many of these are free.


The annual festivals are also quite the spectacle. There’s a huge selection of exciting festivals, all year round such as film festivals, gaucho and agricultural fairs, tango festivals, among others.


The tango festival is especially important to the people because the tango culture is so ingrained in them. Don’t be surprised to see highly skilled tango dancers break into a routine on the street out of the blues!


Follow Argentina’s tourism pages on Facebook and you will always be in the know about what is happening around you as you study abroad in Argentina. You will never miss something to do in Argentina. You’ll take home lots of fun memories.  

One thing that makes Germany stand out as an international study city is that it offers free tuition starting October 2014. As long as you enrol in a public university you will not be expected to pay any tuition.


It doesn’t matter where your country of origin is, both German citizens and international students get to enjoy free tuition to allow them to pursue a degree of their choice. The Germans value education that much!


For private universities, the tuition fee will vary from one institution to another. It is also important to note that the free tuition applies to undergraduate courses only and does not include master’s and PhD courses, which are still cheaper compared to what other countries charge.


Money aside, you will love the uniqueness of Germany. The country is divided into regions and each region has it’s own unique culture. There is so much for you to do outside of school within these regions.


The country has one of the trendiest nightlife in the world. You will especially love the nights out in Berlin which is very safe even at night and has a well-connected train system that operates all night round.


If you’re an outdoor person you will love hiking, cycling, skiing and playing sports in Germany. Other great activities you can indulge in include clubbing, going to the theatre and cinema.


Germans are very artistic and you will love the architecture, underground music scene and hipster fashion especially in the big cities such as Berlin and Munich.


For people who are more laid back and would rather stay away from the city frenzy, you will love hanging out with your German neighbours most of them who prefer holding small gatherings in their houses.


Germans are great at throwing impromptu house parties and will often find them enjoying food and their beer at home with friends. It is in such gatherings that you will learn the most about German culture.


The public transport in Germany is one of the most excellent one in the world. It is efficient, affordable, safe and fast.


The best part is that international students in Germany can use the public system free of charge once they pay the really low enrollment and admission taxes. Imagine that!


Looking to experience more diversity when studying abroad? Head down to South Africa.


Now that’s probably not what you thought right? But what better place to witness ethnic and cultural diversity than in Africa!


South Africa has become quite a popular study destination with international students in the recent years mostly because it is quite incredibly diverse with a super interesting history. Its history of apartheid and colonization makes it a unique place to observe how different cultures interact.


Once you arrive in South Africa you will be gladly surprised by how modern and developed the country is. You will be forgiven if you forget that you’re indeed in Africa. My quick advice; don’t form an opinion about South Africa until you step into the country.


South Africa has some of the best natural parks in the world. If you’ve never been to the wild nothing beats an African safari.


Make sure that you take a safari to any of the national parks in South Africa such as the Kruger National Park during your study period. You will marvel at the up-close beauty of the African big game.


Get to see lions, elephants, leopards, rhino, buffalo, cheetahs, gazelles, giraffes, numerous bird species and so many more wild animals.


The natural beauty of South Africa spans the national parks. There are numerous gorgeous beaches, lush Winelands, rugged cliffs at the Cape of Good Hope, forest and lagoons and the popular Table Mountain.


There are so many opportunities to Volunteer while studying in South Africa.


You will have so much to explore right inside of South Africa!


For the sports lovers, South Africa is the home of rugby only rivalled by New Zealand. Speaking of New Zealand you better not mention it to a South African rugby fan, which is probably everyone!


Fan aside, South Africa offers high calibre courses especially in politics and international studies owing to the country’s turbulent history. Nature and the environmental studies are also quite popular given the many nature preserves in the country.



Taking a university course in Japan is one of the best choices you’ll ever make. You not only get to enjoy world-class education but also an incredible culture, the best food you’ll ever taste and four beautiful seasons.


Japan is the embodiment of culture, fashion, art, subculture and gourmet and you get to experience the very best of all these. Japan also has lots of parks, historical sites, so many temples and shrines as well as sightseeing sites such as the spectacular Tokyo tower and Skytree.


You can easily enjoy some of these sights on a lazy afternoon as most of them are in the heart of the cities. You can actually easily travel within Japan, a very vast country with so much to see.


The popular bullet trains (Shinkansen) are so efficient you can go anywhere you want within Japan in just about a matter of hours. Want to see the Hiroshima bomb site? Hop on a train any day!

The technology in Japan is second to none in the world. This makes all the services in the country very efficient. From healthcare to transportation to security everything simply works as it should.


The Japanese are some of the most respectful, welcoming and polite people you will ever come across. Life in Japan is simply GREAT!

Now let’s talk about the food. Japanese food is to-die-for hands down.


First, the Japanese are health freaks and so most of their foods are natural and healthy no wonder they have a very high life expectancy.


Second, their culinary delights are out of this world. No matter how long you stay in Japan there will always be some exotic local cuisine that you’re yet to try.


The real deal foodie will be in food heaven in Japan. From peculiar dishes such as raw horse meat and puffer fish fugu, you will love experimenting with food.


For the non-foodies, you can find safer options such as sushi, ramen, yakitori, tempura, okonomiyaki, abura soba, monjyayaki, tsukemen and more that are still quite delicious.


Making friends in Japan is also very easy as they already have a system that promotes a sense of community. Schools in Japan have extracurriculars called “circles” to promote participation.


These are students groups formed on the basis of similar interests and members of each circle get to do activities together. The circles place more emphasis on bonds and communication instead of regular club activities.



China is another Asian country that is quite popular when it comes to getting a degree abroad.


Studying and living in China gives you the perfect excuse to live and explore the world’s most populous country. Here you will experience a unique blend of ancient and modern civilization and soak in the country’s scenic beauty and bustling nightlife.


The vast country has so much to offer you will be left wondering where to start. The northeast city of Harbin is the place to be if you want to participate in the ice festival. Oh, how you will love seeing the water in your eyes form icicles around your eyelashes!


If this sounds too cold for you, head down to the south where the tropical beach paradise of Hainan Island lie and soak in the sunshine.


As a student, you certainly want a country that offers cheap study abroad. Studying and living in China is cheaper even than most European countries and most definitely than the US and many other countries.


China has over 56 different ethnicities giving the country a very diverse culture to explore. There is simply so much to learn about the Chinese culture, it will probably take you your entire study duration to learn half of it.


The number of international students studying in China has been growing rapidly over the last 10 years making the country the ‘it’ study country. China is one of the most popular travel destinations (4th actually) and so you will be living in the trendiest country around.

The Chinese language is also increasing in popularity and if you take the time to learn it you will gain numerous benefits beyond just what you learn in class. If language isn’t your thing how about learning some martial arts?


You can join a kung fu class learn some basic or even expert moves. The classes will not only teach you the popular kung fu moves but will also throw you deep into the Chinese past, far beyond the recorded history.


China has the most exotic street food that will leave you eating like a king, albeit in the streets. The country has an array of regional and ethnic cuisines and it’s no wonder to see the locals thronging dumpling stands, noodle shacks and chuar (meat on a stick) vendors.


The US is the ‘home of milk and honey’. This is where dreams are turned into reality and it’s no wonder that everyone wants to study here.


The variety of courses offered and the technological advancement in the US is among the many reasons why every international student wants to study in this country.


Research and development are key focus areas in most US universities. As a student, you will enjoy generous funding for technology and research and get to be a part of a groundbreaking research.


The US has tons of degree options with thousands of universities performing pretty well in the global education rankings. These courses are top notch and flexible giving everyone something suitable to do.


Graduating with an American degree will open up numerous career prospects for you. If you join the Ivy leagues you have even more chances of succeeding in the job market.


International companies are known to favour US students because they are believed to have varied insight into different fields of study and will hence offer employers a different take or perspective on their businesses.


Sports enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice in the US. From baseball, football, foosball, basketball, hockey, golf and the list is endless.


Whether you are a fan or want to participate in a sport, there will be something suitable as Americans are highly competitive and love their sports.


There’s a good reason why Hollywood is in the US! There is no place like the US for movies and TV shows. Want to see the latest Blockbuster before people back home do? Simply head down to the theatre!


Food may not be America’s forte. It’s definitely not one of the things that put the country on the map especially because of the massive portions believed to make people gain weight but, it’s a good place to find international cuisine.


Americans are always taking road trips. Who wouldn’t if they lived in such a huge country! I know I would.


The best way for international students to explore the best of what the US has to offer is by taking advantage of all international student travel opportunities available.


Once in awhile gather your friends and hit the freeway for a road trip. You get to experience firsthand the beauty of the country from the coastlines to the mountains.


Costa Rica has been named twice as the happiest country on earth by the New Economics Foundation in their Happy Planet Index Survey. The people take pride in leading a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle.


You’ll be amazed to know that the country actually doesn’t have a standing army. There are very few countries in the world without armies.


The country’s life expectancy is on average 80 years. Many of the People of Costa Rica however, continue to lead an active life we’ll pass the age of 100.


With a rich mix of a unique culture, beautiful climate and a positive attitude, international students who pick Costa Rica as a study destination get to experience a high quality of life in this country.


Coffee is Costa Rica’s top cash crop making Costa Rican coffee one of the best in the world. Think of those long study nights that you will have to pull. You will need some coffee buzz more than anything.


It totally does help to be in a coffee growing country because you will get the real deal.

The country is on the equator and hence, the weather in Costa Rica is warm and perfect all year round. So expect some fun times outside all year long and remember to pack some tropical shirts and flip flops!


The locals are quite helpful when it comes to learning Spanish. They will go all out to help you speak fluently the only thing they ask in return is that you help them practice their English.


Quite a fair trade as having Spanish as a second language is a plus for your job hunt.


Costa Rica has so many natural wonders to lose yourself into. Go snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, sailing or deep sea fishing in the magnificent beaches.


You can also go zip lining through the Costa Rican forests or hike up a volcano if you have the energy. These are good activities to recharge yourself after some hard work at school.


Want to explore more of Latin America during your school breaks? You can travel to nearby countries such as Panama and Nicaragua for as little as $55.

Costa Rica has some incredible dishes that you will thoroughly enjoy throughout your stay. If you’re feeling adventurous try eating arroz con pollo (rice and chicken with different vegetables) and Gallo pinto (rice and beans).

Make sure you try the various juices made with natural fruit such as jugo de moras and jugo de piña. You will love it!


South Korea is probably not the first place that comes to mind when you think about going abroad to study. You’ll be amazed at how much the country has to offer to international students.


South Korea is especially quite a good study destination for students who want to study technical courses as it has booming information and communication, technology, chemical, automobile and machinery industries.


The country is also very popular for cutting-edge research and many of the universities focus highly on innovation by encouraging global exchange and research studies in all fields.


South Korea has delicious, cheap food that easily available. Food is at the heart of South Korean culture and so you’ll find streets lined with a variety of restaurants offering various delicacies at a reasonable price.


Above that, many of the restaurants remain open until late at night allowing you to grab some food whenever you can afford a break. There are so many social events revolving around food in South Korea and you will find yourself eating out most of the time which is great in sampling unique South Korean cuisine with the locals.


South Korea has a unique mix of traditional and modern styles. On your free days take a day trip around the cities and get to see old-established ancient palaces and get stunned by the many majestic skyscrapers.


If you want to get away from the hectic city life, consider visiting one of the many unknown and charming islands along the coast.


Do you want a bigger challenge? How about taking a weekend trip to climb one of the many mountains?


South Korea is also well located making it easy for you to cross over to other Asian countries such as beautiful Indonesia or Japan. Travelling to these countries from South Korea is quite cheap giving lots of options on how to spend your school breaks.


South Korea is becoming popular for its unique pop culture featuring fresh and trendy music. You’ll get front row seats at live performances by local and international stars while studying in South Korea.


Such performances are quite popular in the country and each city has music festivals every month bringing together the best collection of legendary R&B, Soul, and Hip Hop musicians from Korea and the United States.


Switzerland is one of the most fantastic countries to study in. One of the unique things about this country is that it has four native languages: French, German, Italian and Romanish.


Students get a pretty good opportunity to learn all these languages that are highly popular and useful around the world.


When you go to study in Switzerland, be ready for a food adventure. From the cheese, chocolate and “Rosti” the country’s famed delicacy, there is so much good food you must try in Switzerland you will get lost in all the deliciousness.


That’s not even enough. You get to go on chocolate factory tours that include free tastings!


The Swiss Alps, serene blue lakes and cow-dotted pastures are simply the best scenic backdrop for your studies. Chances are you’ll be taking classes at one of the many universities tucked near or in the Alps.


Imagine that view!


You cannot go to Switzerland and not go skiing or snowboarding. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to. As a student, you are eligible to get an international student card with a year-long discounted pass to the Switzerland slopes giving you the chance to take skiing lessons.


If you’re not quite the skiing enthusiast, then you can simply watch the popular winter sports held in Zermatt and St. Moritz.


Switzerland combines its rural charm of historical castles with the urbane sophistication of advanced facilities and cutting-edge technology. You get to experience the modernity of an advanced economy but also get to soak in its undisturbed history.


Switzerland is centrally placed making it a good base to travel out of to the rest of Europe. The country shares a border with five other European countries that you can easily access using the Swiss trains that are quite reliable.

With four official languages, you will find various regions in the country practising different culture depending on their native language. You’ll have the adventure of living in four different countries without having to leave Switzerland!

The Swiss are very hospitable and value networking and meeting new people. This culture of embracing people will make it so easy for you to make new friends both on and off campus and probably get to have lifelong friends!


Studying abroad is one of the best ways to give yourself a boost in academic excellence. Choosing the destination to study abroad is not a mean fete but now that you know what each of the top ultimate destinations around the world has to offer, other than academics, I believe you’re now ready to start applying to universities and colleges of your choice!


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