About us

Who We Are

StudenteHub is a student portal aspiring greatness. Our main agenda is to curate and centralize current and relevant resources for International students .


We curate the latest scholarship opportunities for undergraduate, masters and pHD student on our student portal . We also feature distant learning courses available all over the world, internship and volunteer opportunities, tips on how to study abroad, as well featured success stories from young achievers, all laser-focused on helping you get the best education for optimum success.


Why We Do What We Do


There are hundreds of student resources, guides, advice and stories that shape the society, everywhere for young people. Unfortunately, they are not easily accessible. You have to scrap the internet to find them. Sometimes, you simply don’t know what to search for or even where to search for it.


We felt the need to bring everything in a central place to save you the time and effort of finding and comparing useful student resources and tools. We value student development and we’ve therefore, created a student portal bringing you all the necessary resources and information at your fingertips. Students can use our listings to quickly and conveniently search and compare courses, or consult our detailed scholarship, jobs and advice sections.


How We Do It


We understand that opportunities arise continuously and the education world changes with time. It’s hence, our goal to work enthusiastically and conduct research to make sure we deliver the most updated and relevant resources to you.


We also welcome collaboration with students, universities, International Student Associations and other stakeholders to keep our website updated and relevant always. The opportunities and resources are published throughout the year and you can rest assured you will always find fresh content on the site.


Where We Do It

We’re a dedicated online platform and all information is distributed via our website. We are driven to make a positive contribution to our world with our online platform.




To be the best education resources site.



We seek to improve young people’s lives through commitment and integrity in publishing the best of content.

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