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One of the best ways to enjoy international student travel if you’re already taking a class at home or if you can’t afford to study abroad full time is to volunteer abroad. Volunteering abroad entails taking an international trip to countries, mostly developing countries, around the world and offer your time, skills and labor for […]

Are you dying for an adventure this year? Do you feel stuck and want to do something out of your comfort zone? Maybe you could teach English abroad! English is the most widely spoken language in the world with 1.7 billion people using it worldwide. This has seen the international job market for teaching English […]

Nothing will give you a better opportunity to gain academic excellence and immerse yourself in a new culture than studying abroad.   While studying at home may seem like the safer and cheaper option, an international degree will set you apart from other students. Employees will be chasing you because they know you have more […]

It all happens at , in two mid sized rooms in downtown Nairobi. On the infamous Kirinyaga Road, the capital city’s spare parts district.   While oily mechanics take over the narrow street that separates shops from the Nairobi River, 7 employees at Suave Kenya, in one of the many buildings on the busy road […]

Productivity is something that most students struggle with. How many times have you headed to the library ready to get some studying done only to get distracted by a friend? If you experience this a lot then you should consider following these productivity tips to make the best out of your study sessions and help […]

As college money for tuition continues to skyrocket world over, creative fundraising ideas are necessary since to most people pursuing a college degree you’re passionate about may seem out of reach.   Student loan debts in the US for instance, stand at a whopping $29,000 per student. No student wants to start off their adult […]