Best Guide to Volunteer Abroad for Free

One of the best ways to enjoy international student travel if you’re already taking a class at home or if you can’t afford to study abroad full time is to volunteer abroad. Volunteering abroad entails taking an international trip to countries, mostly developing countries, around the world and offer your time, skills and labor for […]

Top 7 Places to Teach English Abroad

Are you dying for an adventure this year? Do you feel stuck and want to do something out of your comfort zone? Maybe you could teach English abroad! English is the most widely spoken language in the world with 1.7 billion people using it worldwide. This has seen the international job market for teaching English […]

How to get best International Student Insurance

One of the things that you MUST have before you travel abroad to study is international student insurance. No matter which country you are going to study abroad insurance is very important for your own safety.

How to find affordable international Student Accommodation

You read our guide for international student travel and now your suitcases are packed, all your documents are in order, flights booked and you’re ready to go and start your new adventure. One thing though, you still need to figure out your international student accommodation.

Best Guide For International Student Travel

You applied to a great international study program, got accepted and now you’re ready for your epic international student travel big move. Congratulations!