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The FH Aachen Scholarship Programme

The FH Aachen awards scholarships to students whose personal background raises expectations for outstanding course achievements. Pursuant to the law and regulation for the creation of a national scholarship programme, and the scholarship guidelines of the FH Aachen, these scholarships are performance scholarships.

Application Deadline: 2017 to June 29, 2017.

Institution of Study: FH Aachen University

Country of Study: German

Scholarship Type: Each month, scholarship recipients are paid € 300. The scholarship is awarded for a year, and it is paid out during university vacation as well.

During the time of support, the university offers a non-material accompanying programme. Moreover, contact is established between the respective scholarship sponsor (generally, a regional business enterprise) and the scholarship recipients to allow them to get acquainted with each other. The applicants should therefore have a basic interest in establishing contact with the supporting business enterprise/institutions


Level of education: undergraduate programme.


A formal requirement for the awarding of a scholarship is being registered as a full student at the FH Aachen. Other people who may apply are those who are about to start their course of study at the FH Aachen , i.e. who wish to take up their studies in the winter semester 2017/2018, but haven’t registered yet. At the time of the scholarship award procedure, the applicants should be in the standard period of study and be registered for at least two more semesters. (Cf. Scholarship Guideline)

The scholarships are awarded per faculty and degree programme, respectively. For the selection, the grades within a degree programme are taken into consideration.

The scholarship is awarded independent of income and BAFöG (The Federal Training Assistance Act).

A so-called “double funding” through a combination with other scholarship sponsors (organisations for the promotion of young talent, DAAD…) is not possible. Further information can be found under http://www.deutschlandstipendium.de/de/1700.php


The FH scholarship commission assesses the submitted applications.

In addition to the study achievements rendered up to this point, extra-curricular (social) commitment, as well as details on personal and family background, are weighted at 20% in the evaluation. In the case of a favorable notification, these social criteria have to be verified. The final decision is made by the FH Aachen Rectorate. Please note that, in addition to the performance and overall view of the applicants, the awarding of scholarships is dependent on the acquired private sponsors and, possibly, their wishes regarding faculty, degree program/specialization, and the number of semesters.

The FH Aachen Scholarship ProgrammeHow to apply

The FH scholarships are awarded annually at the start of the winter semester. At this time, the application portal is closed. The next application phase for the 2017/2018 funding period takes place from June 1, 2017 to June 29, 2017.

You can apply only during the application period and online under the following link: https://www.stipendium.fh-aachen.de/page/index.php

All FH Aachen students will be notified of the start of the application phase by e-mail to their FH account.

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