The UNESCO Japan Prize on ESD- Education for Sustainable Development honors outstanding projects by individuals, institutions, and organizations related to ESD.The UNESCO- Japan Prize on ESD, which is funded by the Government of Japan, consists of three annual awards of USD 50,000 for each recipient. It was awarded for the first time by the DIrector-General of […]

Xiaosong Zeng & Charles Goodhart Scholarship is available for a full-time taught master’s programme within the Department of Accounting, the Department of Economics or the Department of Finance. The scholarship will be selected on the basis of financial need demonstrated and the personal statement in the Graduate Financial Support application.

CSC Scholarship Independent Enrollment Program of 2018 of Northeast Normal University (NENU) is available from now.Northeast Normal University, or NENU, is an institution of higher learning under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education, being selected as one of the universities given priority in the construction of the 211 Project.