The vision of AWDF is to have a world where all African women live in peace, with dignity and justice and where there are equality and respect for women’s rights. Their mission is to mobilize financial, human and material resources to support initiatives for transformation led by African women, women’s rights organizations and African women’s […]

Taking advantage of the Social Service Scholarship will enable you opportunities to participate in training and developmental programmes and engage regularly with sector leaders. Such initiatives will enable you to hone your professional and leadership skills, leaving you fully equipped to make a great impact as a leader in the social service sector.

Applicants are now welcome to apply to be CorpsAfrica volunteers. CorpsAfrica is a non-profit organization that recruits and places ambitious Africans in remote, high-poverty communities in their own countries. These men and women live in the community for a year and initiate sustainable projects that fulfill key needs and whose impact and success can be […]