Why partner with StudenteHub ?

Why partner with StudenteHub ?

We have developed a partner program that aims to nurture and develop a healthy, vibrant partner community that is aligned and focused on winning together. Together, we can collaborate to assist students to access relevant opportunities available all over the world.

We have a solid brand that has earned bragging points for attracting and retain quality clients. Clients that we endeavour to keep happy and we appreciate the fact that we cannot do this in isolation.

We therefore, invite you to partner with StudenteHub and together we can open up opportunities for the young people and enrich their lives.

There are several ways that you can choose to partner with us:


  1. Write for Us: Are you good at articulating issues related to our target audience? Can you research on current issues around the education industry and produce high quality articles in form of blog posts, tips, how-tos etc.? We are certainly happy to hear from you. We also welcome guest blog posts and articles from industry experts. If you’re interested in doing so, kindly get in touch with us for writing guidelines and information on how to submit your article. Once you get a go ahead from our editor, we will publish your content together with your short bio.
  2. Submit a Feature: Are you a young achiever who can offer motivation and insights to young people and would like to be featured on our ‘Great Mind’ and ‘Young Achiever’ sections? Submit your feature telling us what you do, how you managed to reach where you are at, lessons learnt and the advice that you have for youths and we’ll publish it.
  3. Submit an Opportunity: Do you have opportunities that young people can benefit from such as volunteer opportunities, work-study placement, conferences, education competitions etc.? Kindly share the details with us and we’ll post them on our website and promote them to students. Kindly note that we only accept volunteer placement from duly registered organisations.
  4. Provide a Scholarship: One of our main goals is to help students find financial assistance in order to be able to pay their tuition. We therefore, welcome any available scholarship opportunities. If you’re looking to provide scholarships to students from a certain demographic or location, partner with us and we’ll assist in ensuring a smooth flow of the process. Kindly note that we retain the right to  accept or decline a scholarship provider in order to make sure that the interests of our customers are protected.
  5. Share our Content: Let’s spread the love! We welcome link backing with relevant websites. If your website is related to us, feel free to contact us for any possible content collaboration.

To partner with us in any of the above ways, kindly contact us

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