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Postgraduate Study at the University of Exeter


If you are applying for a place on a collaborative program of doctoral training provided by the University of Exeter and other universities, research organizations and partners.Please be aware that your personal data will be used and disclosed for the purposes set out below.Your personal information will always be processed by the Data Protection Act 1998.

Application process

During the application process, the University may need to share some of your personal data with third parties to be able to administer your request, carry out interviews and select candidates.

These are not limited to but may include disclosures to:

  • The selection panel and management board or equivalent of the relevant Programme, which is likely to include staff from one or more other HEIs
  • Administrative staff at one or more other HEIs participating in the relevant Programme.

Such disclosures will always be kept to the minimum amount of personal data required for the particular purpose. Your sensitive personal data may need to be shared in certain circumstances, but only where strictly necessary.

By applying for a place you at this moment consent to your data being processed and shared in this way.

If you become a student on one of the Programmes

If your application is successful and you register on a Programme, the University of Exeter may need to make further disclosures of your personal data throughout your time on the program to ensure the efficient management of your studies and comply with its obligations to funders. These disclosures may include, but are not limited to disclosures:

  • Within the group of HEIs to the Programme.
  • To other collaborative parties to the relevant Programme, e.g. industrial sponsors and collaborators, supervisors from other HEIs, Research Councils (as funders of the Programme).
  • To external examiners.

Postgraduate Study at the University of ExeterOther disclosures may be made where it is necessary for the administration of your studies.

Accessing your personal data

If you wish to have access to any of your personal data as held by the University, please contact There may be a fee of £10 associated with such requests.

To apply fill in the application form provided.

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