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8 various student volunteer opportunities



8 various student volunteer opportunities

Given a choice as a student volunteer, where would you like to work? The volunteer rate has declined over the past few years according to U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.This indicates there is a gap in this field. There are immense advantages that come with student volunteer position.

        Hilary Swank. Famous star of ‘Million Dollar Baby ‘has spent time volunteering in India. She volunteered her time in an orphanage in Palampur, a village in Northern India through United planet.Volunteer organizations vary with country. There are other ways to consider working as a student volunteer

Tutor what you are good at

Tutoring opportunities are endless, choose what you are good at and offer to tutor others. From Tutoring English abroad to reading to young people in your neighborhood.This makes you better in that particular field, it also brings inner peace.As a tutor, you have an upper hand in influencing the lives of your students.Most of the tutors go further to have the students open up about their passions.This is a big opportunity to help shape the students to what they become.There are so many Tutoring programs to check in your respective country.

give your time to a non-organization.

You have a lengthy list to choose from.It’s important to choose wisely the organization to donate our time.The red cross is an example of a reputable organization for volunteers.The organization is worldwide and has a variety of departments to choose from.There local non-organizations which are awesome too.Google is your best friend when it comes to searching.

Career driven volunteering

What career do you intend to pursue? While most people are searching for Paid Internships, volunteer your time to an organization.This is not easy but it comes with immense benefits.Your resume stands out.You get invaluable experience which can help you land your dream job.The gap year is an ideal year to be a student volunteer.while at it go for positions that you are passionate about.You will enjoy more and have fun.

Retirement Homes

Most students don’t find nursing homes an ideal place to volunteer.There is a lot to be done part from the common nursing. The residents need socialization and that is where as a student you come in.They have a lot to share in terms of history and life experiences.Besides the learning immensely, you also feel good about making someone else smile.  

Other ways you can volunteer in a retirement home

  • Play games-There are a lot of games to play with them.This will help stimulate their minds.
  • Grooming- you can give shaves and make hair for the ladies.This is priceless.
  • Go for walks even if some can’t walk you can push their wheelchair.Let them breath fresh air and talk as you walk.
  • Read  – Take their favorite books and read for them.Some have vision problems and the help can come in handy
  • Tidying – Help with cleaning rooms, iron clothes and feed them.This brings unmeasured joy and peace.

Donate your time to Rescue centers for animals

  Imagine your beloved little sister, brother, cat or dog lost.Stranded, terrified and nowhere to go.The feeling is shattering and devastating.Most of the babies and animals in the rescue centers have these emotions and some worse.They have terrifying experiences.Offer a shoulder a lean on to the kids or animals.Help them learn to trust and love in life as most have lost that.You can choose to volunteer locally or abroad.There are celebrities who care for animals in the world.There are famous people who have adopted babies too.

Political campaigns

Do you see yourself as a political leader or an influencer in the future? This is the best place to launch your career and passion.There are a lot of political affiliation and it is good to choose wisely what you want.This area of volunteer will give you an insight of how things are run behind the scenes.Interaction with a lot of people helps to build your confidence.

Offer Mentorship to someone  role model  

We all have someone we look up to in various aspects of life.A career, business, life or relationship mentor, what type of mentor are you interested in? You get to help mold someone’s direction in a particular aspect of their lives.Mentorship can also be done to a group of people.This could be a Motivational speaking and could make money while at it.

Research assistant

A lot of companies carry out research every year in various areas.The best thing would be to keep checking the website for your line of interest.They might have an opening for research or better still the old method of newspapers still work.Look in the classifieds of a newspaper and you could land your dream student volunteer research opportunity.


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