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Technology Internships at Microsoft

At Microsoft, we are offering technology internships for highly energetic people with initiative and drive; people who are smart and practical in their area of expertise.Our current interns came from a variety of tertiary disciplines including Sales and IT. While grades are important, the most important attributes we look for in an intern are genuine passion and curiosity about technology, creative thinking and the desire to work hard alongside some of the greatest minds in the industry.

Location of Internship: Zambia

The level of Study: Bachelor’s

Application Deadline: Unspecified

Internship type: Full-time

Duration: 9-12 months


We welcome applications from all degree disciplines and all last year students \ fresh graduates majoring in Marketing, Computer Science- IT- MIS /B. Tech, Engineering or any Business Degrees and if you are meeting the qualifications below:

  • Recently graduated from University with Bachelor Degree.
  • Have excellent verbal and written English and communication skills.
  • Passionate about the IT industry and the success of Microsoft

Application process

We want the application process for our technology Internships program to be simple yet thorough. The selected applicants will go through several different stages, and each stage will become a little more challenging so that we can identify the people who stand out and to determine whether you have the strengths and capabilities that we are looking for in our Interns or Graduates. During the interview and application process, we may seek for further clarification on information provided to us on the application form at a later stage.

Technology Internships at MicrosoftWe get several applications each year, so take time to consider why we should hire you. Before submitting your request, form consider why you want to work for us, what you are passionate about, what you are good at, and how you can make a difference to our business. If you’re still eager to create a more exciting future, we are welcoming you to join unforgettable learning journey with Microsoft team.

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