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UNESCO/ISEDC Co-Sponsored Fellowships Programme – 2017


UNESCO/ISEDC Co-Sponsored Fellowships Programme – 2017

The aim of the UNESCO/ISEDC Co-Sponsored Fellowships is to enhance the capacity-building and human resources development in the area of sustainable and renewable energy sources in developing countries and economies in transition.The training activities in these fellowships are tenable in specialized institutions in the Russian Federation.

Requirements the candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. a) Holder of at least a BSc degree or BA in Economics.

(b) Proficient in English language.

(c) Not more than 35 years of age.

How to apply for the UNESCO/ISEDC Co-Sponsored Fellowships

(a) All applications should be endorsed by the National Commission for UNESCO and must be duly completed in English or French with the following attachments in duplicate:

  • The prescribed UNESCO fellowship application form.
  • Six photographs.
  • Certified photocopies of Diplomas.
  • Certificate of English Language proficiency.
  • Subsequently, for those who have been selected, the UNESCO medical examination form duly completed by a recognized physician (not more than four months before the actual date of studies). The prescribed form sent along with the letter of award. Expenses incurred in the constitution of the medical dossiers will not be reimbursed.

(b) Files which are incomplete or received after the deadline for the submission of applications and candidatures, and do not fulfill the requirements mentioned above, will not be considered.

(c) Each invited Member State is requested to nominate not more than two (2) candidates.

Selection of Beneficiaries

(a) The final selection of recipients lies with ISEDC.

(b) The National Commission of selected fellows receive notification by UNESCO, and the letter of award will immediately follow.

(c) UNESCO will authorize the departure of beneficiaries who have completely complied with the requirements stipulated in the letter of award.

(d) Candidates not informed of their selection by 1st September 2016 should consider that their applications have not been approved.

Scholarship value

  1. Fellows will undertake studies/training under the supervision of an advisor or study director that will be provided by the host institution;
  2. The donor Government will pay stipends to beneficiaries on a monthly basis, in local currency. The allowance amounting to four hundred seventy (470) US dollars is intended to cover living expenses such as accommodation, meals, pocket expenses, and incidentals. The donor will determine the amount of the stipend the beneficiaries get.
  3. ISEDC will assist in obtaining modest housing for the fellows.
  4. Tuition fee waiver.
  5. UNESCO will cover the cost of the round-trip international travel at the most economical rate and the most direct flight.
  6. UNESCO will cover the cost of the round-trip international travel at the most economical rate and the most direct flight.
  7. UNESCO will pay a one-time travel allowance amounting to US$100 (one hundred US dollars) before the fellows’ departure for the Russian Federation.
UNESCO/ISEDC Co-Sponsored Fellowships Programme - 2017
UNESCO/ISEDC Co-Sponsored Fellowships Programme – 2017

Extra notes

(a) No provisions can be made to finance or lodge the scholar’s’ family members.

(b) Beneficiaries will be required to submit to UNESCO a short progress report co-signed with the academic supervisor at the end of the first month and a final report upon termination of the fellowship.


Selected fellows from countries where there are Russian Federation Embassies or Consulates must obtain their entry visa in their country before their departure

Fellows from countries where no such embassy/consulate exists must secure their visa through the nearest state where the Embassy or Consulate of the Russian Federation is present. UNESCO and ISEDC provide no allowance to defray passport and visa expenses.

Deadline: April 17, 2017

Level of study: PhD

Location: Specialized institutions in the Russian Federation.

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