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Zayed University graduate merit scholarships

Zayed University provides graduate merit scholarships to attract highly qualified students for study leading to a master’s degree. These scholarships are awarded to graduate students on the basis of academic merit as determined from academic performance in senior baccalaureate courses. All entering graduate students are considered for this award. Graduate merit scholarship support is valued at up to 20% of program tuition.

Application Deadline:  not specifield.

Institution of Study: Zayed University

Country of Study: United Emirates

Scholarship Type: Graduate merit scholarship support is valued at up to 20% of program tuition.

       Award payments are

  • made in accordance with the Graduate Student Support Guidelines;
  • may only be credited against educational fees to the recipient’s Zayed University student account; and,
  • are prorated over the final 4 installments of the published fee schedule.

The level of Education: Master’s degree program.


  • must receive an offer of full admission to a Zayed University master’s degree program; students with conditional or provisional admission are not eligible;
  • must submit a complete admission application prior to the published application deadline; and
  • may not hold other major awards totaling ≥ AED 25,000 (excluding Zayed University GTA, Zayed University GRA or Zayed University Alumni Graduate Scholarship).

Zayed University graduate merit scholarshipsHow to apply

Application process

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