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UniverLecco gold scholarships


UniverLecco gold scholarships

The UniverLecco gold scholarships are for international students who secure admission to one of the Laurea Magistrale courses offered in English on the Lecco campus for the year 2016/2017.The project aims at educating foreign students that will be highly qualified in technology, entrepreneurial culture, and Italian style.


The beneficiaries will be selected from those who sent applications for the Laurea Magistrale courses, and the application is successful.

Lecco School of Business
Lecco School of Business


To assign the scholarships the evaluation committee will take into consideration the assessment made by the professors in charge of the degrees.The following is the criteria that they will follow:

  • Academic performance in the first three years.
  • Recommendation letter
  • Letter of motivation
  • The composition of the class: age, gender balance and country of origin.
  • Curriculum vitae showing possible relevant experiences either regarding education or working experience.

The outcome of the selection will be communicated to the candidates who win the scholarship.To confirm their acceptance, award recipients have to pay a fee of 185,58€.The recipients will not be asked to pay any other fee for registering to the Politecnico di Milano.The scholarship cannot be combined with any other financial aid provided by an Italian public institution.

The scholarship covers two years of the Laurea Magistrale course.The students will commit to doing an internship at an Italian company in the Lecco area during their second year of study.The awards have a minimum of one year.If a student abandons his/her studies before the academic year, they will give back the entire amount he/she has benefited from the award.The scholarships have a maximum of two years after which the scholars will cover their expenses till graduation.

Location of study: Lecco School of Business

Duration of the award: Two years

Scholarship type: Full scholarship

Deadline: May 31, 2017

Scholarship URL:



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